Whether you're framing art, photography, sport jerseys, fabrics or collectibles- or want to make a custom mirror, you'll find a style that's simply perfect for your design. We have a large variety of custom mouldings, fillets, liners, quality mats, and glazings to choose from. We will work to create customized framing solutions to find the look that’s exactly right for you. In addition, we also do reframing or re-matting of existing art. All work is done in-house and turn around time is typically 5-14 business days.

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Value is, at best, a subjective thing. If it's worth framing, it's worth protecting. As a rule of thumb, if the item you want to frame is irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind, memorabilia, an original work of art or a limited edition, it should be framed with preservation techniques and materials. There is an emotional attachment in the vast majority of the projects our customers bring in the door. These projects could be a treasured family photo, an heirloom item, a sports jersey or a simple poster of a rock and roll band. We never know what's coming in the door! What ever the project, the right custom frame can give your project the perfect look for your art, collectibles or memorabilia. Unfortunately the wrong frame can do just the opposite.

Protecting Your Artwork

This is perhaps the best reason to custom frame your personal and well-loved works of art. We have the skills and materials necessary to preserve and protect them. Ordinary pulp-based mat board contain acids and lignins which, over time, damage the art they come in contact with. We use acid and lignin-free mats, from Cresent, and mounting boards from Nielson and Bainbridge that contain no impurities which can damage the art they surround. We also use only preservation framing practices when it comes to mounting your art with any backing board.

A mat is more than a pretty color.

One of the reasons to use a mat is to bring out the colors in an image while drawing in the eye. There are several creative and elegant techniques that can add distinction to your framed piece. Your mats are cut using a Wizard computerized mat cutter. A computerized mat cutter affords us to offer a variety of creative mat designs. There's more to life than a square or rectangular opening. The addition of matting can mean the difference between an insignificant piece that gets lost on the wall and a dramatic piece that serves as a perfect accent for a room. For example, dark mats have the effect of "lightening" and "enlarging" your artwork, while light colors tend to "darken" and "reduce" the image.Using high quality mat boards, like Cresent, are essential to protecting your project. Ordinary pulp-based mat board contain acids and lignins which, over time, damage the art they come in contact with. We use acid and lignin-free mats, from Cresent. What effect do you desire for your finished piece? Would your taste suit a subdued look, elegant or vibrant? Contrast is neither good nor bad. The proper use of contrast can help create a "tunneling effect" which draws the eye into the image.

Choosing the right frame.

The correct frame will add to the finished presentation instead of being a distraction from the art. For example, do you know the width of the matting should never match the width of the frame? This tends to draw the eye away from the art they surround. Have you ever seen a print or photograph framed with a very narrow mat margin and an equally small narrow frame? If the mats and or frame is too small or narrow for the art this can create a look where the art over powers these other two elements. It confines the art to a space which is too small. Matting and framing act as a transition area between the wall and the artwork. If these are too small for the size of the art a cramped situation is developed. If you're going to make an error, then error on the wide side! Good design based on commonly accepted framing principles is one of many reasons to custom frame.

An ounce of prevention.

We use primarily UV-filtering glass which eliminates up to 99% of harmful UV rays to protect your project from the damage caused by excessive light exposure. We stock three different styles of UV-filtering glass from Tru-View: Conservation Clear (which looks like regular glass), Conservation Reflection Control (which minimizes reflection from any angle) and Museum Glass which has the optimum clarity of any picture framing glass. On the back, who but us look at the back, we use hand tied wire of the appropriate weight and seal the back with extra heavy Virgin Kraft paper, not the cheap stuff, to protect your project from behind. We even supply the right size picture hook for your project!


We have a collection of over 3,000 picture frame style mouldings from vendors listed below. Click the links below to view frame moulding samples.