A mat is more than a pretty color.

One of the reasons to use a mat is to bring out the colors in an image while drawing in the eye. There are several creative and elegant techniques that can add distinction to your framed piece. Your mats are cut using a Wizard computerized mat cutter. A computerized mat cutter affords us to offer a variety of creative mat designs. There's more to life than a square or rectangular opening. The addition of matting can mean the difference between an insignificant piece that gets lost on the wall and a dramatic piece that serves as a perfect accent for a room. For example, dark mats have the effect of "lightening" and "enlarging" your artwork, while light colors tend to "darken" and "reduce" the image.Using high quality mat boards are essential to protecting your project. Ordinary pulp-based mat board contain acids and linen which, over time, damage the art they come in contact with. We use acid and linen-free mats. What effect do you desire for your finished piece? Would your taste suit a subdued look, elegant or vibrant? Contrast is neither good nor bad. The proper use of contrast can help create a "tunneling effect" which draws the eye into the image.