Mounting is the process of flattening photographs to a backing of a board using heat, not moisture, A sheet of dry adhesive material that resembles wax paper is sandwiched between the artwork and the backing board. They are then slid into a heat press that melts the adhesive and forms a permanent bond to both sides, eliminating waves and wrinkles.

Foam core board

Mount pictures, posters or presentations.

  • Stiff 3/16"  thick clay-coated white foam board.
  • Lightweight, cuts easily.
  • Smooth surface.



Gator board

 It is heavy-duty foam board comprised of extruded polystyrene foam bonded between two layers of wood-fiber veneer. 

  • The original, heavy-duty graphic black board
  • Excellent reputation for great digital and screen printing
  • Dent and scratch resistant






Laminating is a sheet of thin plastic, essentially melted or vacuum-sealed onto the surface of your photograph or artwork. Lamination protects from dust and moisture.